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I know I always say this, but I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. Everyone is doing great. Charlie is growing and has actually gone from preemie to newborn outfits within the last two weeks! Last week he was weighed and was up to 7lbs 6oz. Heather has been doing an awesome job with him. She has been staying up at night with him so that I can get a full night’s sleep and be awake enough to go to work each day.

The dogs have been much better with Charlie than I thought they would be. Jasmine gets very concerned with him though when he starts crying. She has the most maternal instinct of the two and will try to check on him when he’s upset.

This week, Heather and I went with my parents to a Preds game and left Charlie with his other grandparents. I guess I’m more accustomed to being away from him than Heather is, but I still missed him alot. It was nice though to be able to go out and, especially for Heather, be able to get away from the house.

And then there were three (five)

I apologize for the delay in posting this, but the past couple of weeks have been very crazy. I’m sure you probably now by now that Charlie was born on December 27, 2009 at 7:47PM. We were not expecting him on that day, but he decided otherwise.

We had gone into the hospital for a non-stress test because of the doctor’s office being closed for the Christmas holidays. Charlie didn’t cooperate on the NST and Heather’s blood pressure was very high, so they decided to go ahead and admit her to the hospital for an induction the next day. Well, when they finally got her into a room and got her hooked back up to the fetal monitor, they found that Charlie’s heart rate had dropped. All of a sudden, 5 nurses rushed into the room, the doctor came in and it was all very chaotic. I had no idea what was going on, but knew that something wasn’t right. Thankfully, his heart rate came back up, but the doctor decided to go ahead and take him instead of taking a risk and waiting any longer.

The next thing I know, I’m sitting in a gown, shoe covers, and hair thingy outside the operating room waiting for them to get Heather ready so I can go in. My parents, and Heather’s parents were there (Heather’s mom was actually working that night, which was neat). I was soon taken back into the OR and sat down beside Heather. I couldn’t see very well what the doctor was doing when she starting the procedure, and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t see. One of the nurses, who Heather knew, stopped and said a quick prayer for all of us, which helped me feel a lot better and more relaxed because I knew everything was in God’s hands. About 5 minutes later, I glance up and see a little baby boy being held up right as they pulled him out. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Charlie was born about 5 weeks early. He weighed 3lbs 14 1/4oz. Because of his weight, he was taken to the NICU so that he could get some extra special care and start gaining weight. He will be in there until he is at least 4 lbs and can maintain his body temperature, and a few other things. He had lost down to about 3lbs 7oz or so, which is normal, but has been climbing the last few days. Last night, he was weighed at 3lbs 13 1/2oz, so he is getting very close to being back at his birth weight, which we are really excited about. He has been eating very well, moving around a lot, and has been rather patient with us as we (I) try to figure out how to do everything.

The doctor has guessed that he may be in there another week or so before he gets to go home. We can’t wait for that day to come. Heather has been going up to the hospital every day to spend time with him and feed him, and then we’ve been going back up there at night when I get home from work.

Here are some more pictures and some videos of Charlie. Check back often because I’m sure there will be no shortage of photos and videos of him. :)

This is a video of Charlie briefly opening his eyes on the night he was born:

This is a video of him cry/squealing while the nurse was pulling tape off from his feeding tube:

Charlie giving us a big smile:

Wide awake and looking around:

Baby Update, Graduation, and Christmas

It’s been a while since an update (as usual), so I’m going to cover a few weeks in this post.

Baby Update

Charlie has been behaving, for the most part, the last few weeks. We have had to make a couple of trips to the hospital to have a non-stress test done on him because he was not moving as much as he should, which he passed with flying colors each time. We had a scare this past Friday, where we thought we would be having a baby on Saturday (Heather’s graduation), but luckily everything worked out with that and we made it through the weekend.

We went for an ultrasound and consultation with both doctors today, and Charlie passed his BPP test with no problems this time. He was very good for the ultrasound and we were even able to get a picture of hair he is growing on his head (at least that’s where I assume it was):

Charlie has hair! Click for a larger image.

They estimated today that he now weighs 4 lbs 2 oz, which we were really excited about. He has now left the 1st percentile and is now in the 3rd. He is still smaller than what he should be, but is making great progress.

As of today, we are scheduled for an induction on January 8th, 2010. Hmmm. I wonder what else is January 8th? Oh yea! My birthday! :) If everything looks good this upcoming week and next week when we go for the ultrasounds, and he does well on his BPP, then we will be going in on the 8th to meet Sweet Baby Charlie, as has become his name. We are really excited to finally have a date that we can shoot for, and ask that you continue to pray for Charlie that he will continue to be well and cooperate with us. We would like to thank everyone for all of the prayers that have been said on behalf and Charlie and Heather. God has really blessed us so far, and I know He will continue to.


As I mentioned above, Heather was able to participate in the graduation ceremony this past Saturday at Lipscomb! We are so excited that she was able to finish. She has worked really hard and I am very proud of her. She even made an ‘A’ for this past semester, which included full-time student teaching. I haven’t downloaded the pictures from my camera yet, but will try to get a picture of her up sometime soon.

Cochran Christmas Light Extravaganza

Last year after Christmas, Heather and her mom went shopping for some marked-down Christmas stuff. You can guess how surprised I was when she came back with several boxes of Christmas lights totaling up to about 3,500 or so Imported Italian Twinkle Lights. Okay, maybe they weren’t Imported Italian lights (Christmas Vacation reference in case you didn’t get it), but I did feel like Clark Griswold for a while after putting the lights up.

I only ended up putting 2,400 lights up, including icicle lights across the front and one side of the house, and lights in the bushes in front of the house. This process involved getting on the roof of the house in order to get the lights along the side of the house. When I finally got all of the lights strung, and all of the electrical wiring figured out for power, I flipped the switch and ……………………………….. nothing. No 2,400 Imported Italian Twinkle lights. What could have happened? “Russ, we checked every bulb, didn’t we?” Well, actually I didn’t, which was laziness on my part. But with all of the strings being parallel wiring, I found it hard to believe that every single string would be bad.

I eventually found the source of my problem, which was the light socket adapter I was using. It worked out well because I ended up pulling a total of 589 watts (measured with my Kill-A-Watt – which I highly recommend having) and that probably would not have worked well using the socket that was only rated for 60 watts. So, finally, after fixing all of my electrical issues, running extension cords, making sure everything was plugged in, and of course having the drum roll, I plugged in the extension cord and they all came on!

Heather and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

31 and counting

Heather is now 31 weeks! We’re still pressing on to at least 32 weeks, hopefully longer though. She has been feeling fine and starts having ultrasounds twice a week now to keep up with Charlie’s progress.

We finally were able to work on Charlie’s room while I was off for Thanksgiving. There were several places that needed to be patched before we could begin painting. Saturday after Thanksgiving, a few family members came over and helped sand, paint, wash dishes, and entertain Heather while she is on bed-rest. The room is not completely done, but A LOT further than I could have gotten if I had not had the help.

We decided to paint the room blue and are going with an airplane theme. Heather still won’t let me get one of the old wooden propellers that we saw at a store a few weeks ago. I think it would look pretty cool hanging on the wall. Here are some pictures of the progress that was made yesterday:

We would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers as we get closer to Charlie’s arrival!

Sooner rather than later

We found out last week, after the last ultra sound, that Charlie isn’t growing like he should be. Everything is growing normally and measured perfect, except for his abdomen, which was measuring about 4 weeks behind where it should be. Because of this, baby Charlie will be arriving a little sooner than originally expected. The doctor is not going to let Heather get past 37 weeks, if she makes it that long. She’s going for weekly ultrasounds and to see the doctor right now. If anything looks like it has become worse in the ultrasound, then they will probably go ahead and get baby Charlie out.

We just got back from the weekly ultrasound and doctor visit and everything is still looking okay, so we were happy to hear that.

The goal right now is to get to 32 weeks, and then each week after that will be considered a bonus. We’re praying for a healthy boy and would appreciate your prayers and thoughts as well. Heather has been put on partial bed rest, but is still able to finish up her student teaching, which will allow her to graduate in December, unless, of course, baby Charlie ends up coming before then. I also ask that you please pray for Heather as she has been getting pretty bored while on bed rest.

Thanks again for all of the prayers, thoughts, and offers for help we have received. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by so many caring and loving people.

Charlie Update

Since it’s been a while since our last post, here’s a quick update. Heather is doing well and has been student teaching and is loving it. Right now she is teaching 5th grade science and math and only has about a month until she is finished and graduates.

Charlie's Ultrasound - 11/04/2009Charlie and doing well and moving around a lot. Heather feels him moving and kicking quite often now. I was able to feel him kick for the first time a week ago. We had an ultrasound this past Wednesday to see how things were progressing. Everything looked good and we were able to confirm that Charlie is still a boy. We have decided that we’re going to do his room in blue and with an airplane theme. We found actual wooden propellers for sale the other day at a store, but Heather wouldn’t let me get one. :(

The puppies are doing well. They have really grown a lot but are still as wild and energetic as ever. It will be interesting to see how they do when baby Charlie arrives.

And it's a......


It's a boy!

It's a boy!

We found out this past Wednesday (9/16) that we are going to have a little baby boy at the end of January! Heather and I are both excited as we really wanted a boy, but, of course, would have been excited with a girl as well. We have decided on the name Charles David, after my grandfather Charles that passed away in 2008 and David is my middle name as well as my dad’s middle name.

Here are some more pictures:

BabyFootprint-20wks BabyFace-20wks

The one on the left, if you can’t tell, is the bottom of his foot. And yes, there are 5 toes on it. :)

The one on the right is the more disturbing of the two. That one almost has me convinced that we ARE having an alien. I guess we’ll find out in January…

Extreme Home Makeover

We’ve been talking for a while about painting some of the rooms in the house and decided that now is probably the best time to do it before we have a little one running/crawling around. The first room we decided the tackle was the living room. Both the living room and the dining room had a nice ’70s green color, which goes great with the green carpet in both rooms. We decided it was time to change that, with our landlord’s (aka – dad’s) permission.

After a little bit of debate with myself, I’ve decided to paint the window and trim / baseboards white, though I haven’t decided exactly what shade of white. You can see in the images above kind of what it will look like. Sorry for the low quality images but these are from my Blackberry using lighting from my worklight, so the colors don’t show up exactly right. The white color isn’t finalized. What you see above is the Kilz primer that I painted over the original green on the wood trim.

I’ve been working on this room for the past 3 weeks or so no off and on and we’d really like to have the living room back, so I’m hoping to be able to finish it sometime this week, especially since we have a long Labor Day weekend. I’ll post some better pictures from my camera when I get finished.

On another note, everything is going well with the pregnancy. We are going to the doctor this afternoon for the monthly checkup. We still don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl yet, but can’t wait to find out. The dogs are doing well and are adjusting to being home again after 2 weeks of dog sitting at my parent’s house while they were on vacation. Heather is now doing full time student teaching and set to graduate in December.

Baby Video!

Everything has been going very well with the pregnancy so far. Other than some headaches/migraines, foods that no longer sound appealing, and being hungry all the time, Heather has been doing pretty good. She’s about 15 1/2 weeks right now. We’re both counting down the days, though I think she’s probably trying to count a little faster than I am. Here’s a video of the latest ultrasound we had. We still don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but we’ll be happy either way. If you look in the video, you can see something moving kind of in the middle of its body – that’s its heart beating.

We also got to hear the heartbeat the other day, which was absolutely incredible. I continue to be amazed each day and can’t wait until our little one gets here!

We’ve grown part II!

Well, I don’t know if I should consider the last post on here prophecy or just coincidence, but we’ve grown again. We found out in the last week of May that we’ll be adding another person (no, not another puppy this time) to our family!

Heather and I were both very surprised and excited when we found out, though probably more surprised. We were not planning on this right now, but I think it’s definitely going to be a blessing. The due date right now is Jan 30, 2010, which is subject to change of course.