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Extreme Home Makeover

We’ve been talking for a while about painting some of the rooms in the house and decided that now is probably the best time to do it before we have a little one running/crawling around. The first room we decided the tackle was the living room. Both the living room and the dining room had a nice ’70s green color, which goes great with the green carpet in both rooms. We decided it was time to change that, with our landlord’s (aka – dad’s) permission.

After a little bit of debate with myself, I’ve decided to paint the window and trim / baseboards white, though I haven’t decided exactly what shade of white. You can see in the images above kind of what it will look like. Sorry for the low quality images but these are from my Blackberry using lighting from my worklight, so the colors don’t show up exactly right. The white color isn’t finalized. What you see above is the Kilz primer that I painted over the original green on the wood trim.

I’ve been working on this room for the past 3 weeks or so no off and on and we’d really like to have the living room back, so I’m hoping to be able to finish it sometime this week, especially since we have a long Labor Day weekend. I’ll post some better pictures from my camera when I get finished.

On another note, everything is going well with the pregnancy. We are going to the doctor this afternoon for the monthly checkup. We still don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl yet, but can’t wait to find out. The dogs are doing well and are adjusting to being home again after 2 weeks of dog sitting at my parent’s house while they were on vacation. Heather is now doing full time student teaching and set to graduate in December.

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