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And it's a......


It's a boy!

It's a boy!

We found out this past Wednesday (9/16) that we are going to have a little baby boy at the end of January! Heather and I are both excited as we really wanted a boy, but, of course, would have been excited with a girl as well. We have decided on the name Charles David, after my grandfather Charles that passed away in 2008 and David is my middle name as well as my dad’s middle name.

Here are some more pictures:

BabyFootprint-20wks BabyFace-20wks

The one on the left, if you can’t tell, is the bottom of his foot. And yes, there are 5 toes on it. :)

The one on the right is the more disturbing of the two. That one almost has me convinced that we ARE having an alien. I guess we’ll find out in January…

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