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Charlie Update

Since it’s been a while since our last post, here’s a quick update. Heather is doing well and has been student teaching and is loving it. Right now she is teaching 5th grade science and math and only has about a month until she is finished and graduates.

Charlie's Ultrasound - 11/04/2009Charlie and doing well and moving around a lot. Heather feels him moving and kicking quite often now. I was able to feel him kick for the first time a week ago. We had an ultrasound this past Wednesday to see how things were progressing. Everything looked good and we were able to confirm that Charlie is still a boy. We have decided that we’re going to do his room in blue and with an airplane theme. We found actual wooden propellers for sale the other day at a store, but Heather wouldn’t let me get one. :(

The puppies are doing well. They have really grown a lot but are still as wild and energetic as ever. It will be interesting to see how they do when baby Charlie arrives.

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