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Sooner rather than later

We found out last week, after the last ultra sound, that Charlie isn’t growing like he should be. Everything is growing normally and measured perfect, except for his abdomen, which was measuring about 4 weeks behind where it should be. Because of this, baby Charlie will be arriving a little sooner than originally expected. The doctor is not going to let Heather get past 37 weeks, if she makes it that long. She’s going for weekly ultrasounds and to see the doctor right now. If anything looks like it has become worse in the ultrasound, then they will probably go ahead and get baby Charlie out.

We just got back from the weekly ultrasound and doctor visit and everything is still looking okay, so we were happy to hear that.

The goal right now is to get to 32 weeks, and then each week after that will be considered a bonus. We’re praying for a healthy boy and would appreciate your prayers and thoughts as well. Heather has been put on partial bed rest, but is still able to finish up her student teaching, which will allow her to graduate in December, unless, of course, baby Charlie ends up coming before then. I also ask that you please pray for Heather as she has been getting pretty bored while on bed rest.

Thanks again for all of the prayers, thoughts, and offers for help we have received. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by so many caring and loving people.

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