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And then there were three (five)

I apologize for the delay in posting this, but the past couple of weeks have been very crazy. I’m sure you probably now by now that Charlie was born on December 27, 2009 at 7:47PM. We were not expecting him on that day, but he decided otherwise.

We had gone into the hospital for a non-stress test because of the doctor’s office being closed for the Christmas holidays. Charlie didn’t cooperate on the NST and Heather’s blood pressure was very high, so they decided to go ahead and admit her to the hospital for an induction the next day. Well, when they finally got her into a room and got her hooked back up to the fetal monitor, they found that Charlie’s heart rate had dropped. All of a sudden, 5 nurses rushed into the room, the doctor came in and it was all very chaotic. I had no idea what was going on, but knew that something wasn’t right. Thankfully, his heart rate came back up, but the doctor decided to go ahead and take him instead of taking a risk and waiting any longer.

The next thing I know, I’m sitting in a gown, shoe covers, and hair thingy outside the operating room waiting for them to get Heather ready so I can go in. My parents, and Heather’s parents were there (Heather’s mom was actually working that night, which was neat). I was soon taken back into the OR and sat down beside Heather. I couldn’t see very well what the doctor was doing when she starting the procedure, and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t see. One of the nurses, who Heather knew, stopped and said a quick prayer for all of us, which helped me feel a lot better and more relaxed because I knew everything was in God’s hands. About 5 minutes later, I glance up and see a little baby boy being held up right as they pulled him out. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Charlie was born about 5 weeks early. He weighed 3lbs 14 1/4oz. Because of his weight, he was taken to the NICU so that he could get some extra special care and start gaining weight. He will be in there until he is at least 4 lbs and can maintain his body temperature, and a few other things. He had lost down to about 3lbs 7oz or so, which is normal, but has been climbing the last few days. Last night, he was weighed at 3lbs 13 1/2oz, so he is getting very close to being back at his birth weight, which we are really excited about. He has been eating very well, moving around a lot, and has been rather patient with us as we (I) try to figure out how to do everything.

The doctor has guessed that he may be in there another week or so before he gets to go home. We can’t wait for that day to come. Heather has been going up to the hospital every day to spend time with him and feed him, and then we’ve been going back up there at night when I get home from work.

Here are some more pictures and some videos of Charlie. Check back often because I’m sure there will be no shortage of photos and videos of him. :)

This is a video of Charlie briefly opening his eyes on the night he was born:

This is a video of him cry/squealing while the nurse was pulling tape off from his feeding tube:

Charlie giving us a big smile:

Wide awake and looking around:

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